Wednesday, 19 October 2016

No Rain Today, Yet!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, it looks like The Missus is all prepared for her Master Class on Friday and Saturday, all the samples have been done and she can relax now!

To celebrate, we decided to visit the old Bolton Abbey down the road.

Like every car park we have seen, this one was also a mighty price, £8 for a car and two Two Legs!

Poor Old Two Legs nearly had a fit!

The only good thing was that the cost did allow you to visit the three car parks on the estate!

So, after a late breakfast, off we set looking to see the abbey without the rain!

Now, just to show that we are on OTL's side, I waited until I got into the abbey grounds before I decided I really, really needed a poo and just couldn't wait any longer!

Once I had finished OTL picked it up in a Poo Bag and put in the Green Bin hanging from the fence post.

'There' says OTL, 'Included in the price of the Car Park Ticket, they can bless that lot as well'!

Holy Poo? Now that is a new one. I have always said that the sun shines out from under my tail!

OTL dashed off over the bridge 'cos he wanted to see TM and us dance across the river on the stepping stones but because of all the rain we have had, the stones were under water and too dodgy to try crossing the river on them!

a 'Stony Road To Church!
We had a look around the grounds and OTL took a picture of the east end of the church which was a bit useless for holding any ceremonies 'cos someone had nicked the roof!

OTL says it had something to do with Henry VIII and the 'Dissolution'!

Holly said that they could have got a good price for Roofing Lead in those days!

OK, but only in the summer!
 OTL went into the bit they do use but we had to stay out side, seems we are not classed as 'Assistance Dogs' whatever they are!

Right up in the roof OTL spotted this Geezer, he thinks that it is the Green Man, a sort of Pagan God of forest and all growing things! He was supposed to get the young maidens into trouble around Spring time! 

Eh! Fancy a trip around the Maypole?
 The best carving was the one that looked like OTL, after getting a bill from the vets!

 Inside the bit they were using there were wall paintings behind the altar which looked dead posh!

St Mary and St Cuthbert
 OTL says that the place had been used for worship for eight hundred and fifty years.

You would have thought that by now they would have done more to rebuild the abbey but I suppose it is like all decorators and builders, they never seem to turn up and the price of Roofing Lead has gone through the ceiling!

Sorry, I just couldn't help that one!

Nice bit of wall painting!
There were some big stain glass windows down one side and the colours would look great when the sun shines through them!

Just look at the colours!
Once we had finished looking around we headed off into town to do some shopping 'cos us woofers had nearly run out of food and that is a situation we don't want to be in!

When we came back, OTL turned off the road and back into the abbey grounds again but this time he headed back to the Cafe.  Down the bottom of the long drive was a little hut in which sat a TL collecting £8 off every car that tried to get in!

When it came to our turn, OTL waved the parking ticket he had got before which allows us in to car park without any further cost!

This attendant looked right upset and took the parking receipt and scrawled a big blue cross on it, to show we have be in his car park!

TM says to OTL, 'why have you come in here?' OTL looks sideways and says ' 'cos I've paid for it and I just wanted to use it'!

Well, there is nothing like seeing a parking attendant with a blue pen getting upset!

If he came to TM's Master Class he could use the pen to do some 'blending' all over his tickets, but with style and an artistic flourish!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.