Sunday, 18 June 2017

It is all TM's Fault, Honest!

See Yooo Woofers!
It's McDaisy, McHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McWendy, MacFreddy and Eric de MacFerret!
Sorry about missing yesterdays report but we had a little problem. You see, when we left home TM was supposed to load the caravan with some of our most popular DVD's. You know, James Bond and The Hobbit and Harry Potter. Well, she loaded some but not all and the ones she loaded were mostly Blu-Ray format, which our TV in the caravan can't play!
Now, Old Two Legs, being a clever old stick worked out that he had a DVD Blu-Ray player on his laptop, the same laptop we do our blog on!
OTL got the laptop all working and playing the DVD's but then he came to the clever bit. Noticing that the laptop had a HMDI output and the TV had an HMDI input, he connected them up and 'POW'!
We could see Blu-Ray DVD's on the TV
So, TM and OTL sat down to watch 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' and they wouldn't let me have the laptop for my blog!
So, it was their fault, especially that TM!
No cuddles for her!
So, today being Sunday and Fathers Day we have decided to forgive OTL and Holly and I are being very nice to him, loads of cuddles and licks and we even help him eat lunch and then dinner!

I'm not a 'Happy Puppy' missing my blog!
 Mind you, we did have some fun chasing spiders on the beach! Holly was trying to 'Pat' it by whacking it with her paw but the spider was just too fast for her! I gave it a good woofing just to let it know who was in charge!

It was then that he blew a big raspberry at us and disappeared down a hole!

Woofers don't scare me!
 Down on the beach we found a load of foam, Holly thought it was a Nelly Fish but a quick sniff told us it was sand foam!

A Foamy Nelly Fish?
 To get away from all the foam, we went up river where there was no foam but the water was too deep for swimming, so Holly and I went in search of rabbits!

OK, where are the Bunnies?
Today has been really lazy, just like holiday's should be, we went into town for a bit of shopping and sight seeing. OTL says that we will try to get over to see an island called Ghia or Gare or summat like that! All I can say is I hope there are some rabbits to chase!

See you all tomorrow.


See Yooo Woofers!
 McDaisy, McHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McWendy, MacFreddy and Eric de MacFerret!


  1. Yo little macmaties up there in the norf. I did keep checking to see if you had done your diary last night, but in the end my mum made me go to bed on account of her having to get up for work at the crack this morning. Happy fathers day OTL, wot a wonderful present, Daisy and Holly helping you to eat your scoff, there's nothing you could have wished for more. I dunno Daisy, you and Holly chops do spoil him. Hmmmm now then Mrs McTM, wot were you thinking when you loaded up the DVD's, now you're in the doghouse, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't all make you sleep in the car. Now who put that picture of a spider on? I don't do spiders, they rank along with WET as far as I'm concerned. They've got too many legs for my liking. I hope when you went shopping you managed to get a few treats. Loved the pictures, (well cept for the spider) It does look very nice up there. I'm glad you didn't meet up with any nellyfish. Have you seen any nargles yet? Enjoy your trip tomorrow and I hope you find some bunnies to hop around with. It's been too hot here today so I've had a very lazy day as well. Have a lovely evening all, hope the muggings are good, p.s. did OTL find somewhere to buy himself a bottle of nightcap? Looking forward to hearing about your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. Och ai the Noo to all my southern maties up norf. I'm really enjoying all your adventures in Kintyre. We were there not long ago because our Dad TL grew up in Campbelltown and we all went to visit his mum TL a few week ago. Hamish lived with her for a few months when he was a puppy so he showed us all the good sniffs especially on the beach where the men ride on the ironing boards. I had my very first holiday with my TL when I was a tiny pup at Caradale which is why I love digging on beaches so much. It is truly a beautiful place.

    Well what a dafty that TM is, only taking Blu-ray films. Good job OTL had his brain in gear and worked out how to use the laptop but what a pain. I've been looking at your blog each day, waiting to hear about your visit to Campbeltown to see if OTL found all the whiskey distilleries that our dad TL says are there. We hope OTL had a good tasting session and managed to buy a few bottles of malt.
    It looks like you are having good weather up there, it's very hot here too. My mum's been working on her laptop writing reports for all the little TLs that she teaches so I haven't been able to write comments for a long time, but we have been reading your blog. Mum asks when you are returning to Gretna or if you want to stay the night at the caravan site in our village ( we're only 50 minutes south from Gretna). then TM can have cuddles with all us 4 legs. Mum says that there is a Chinese takeaway that sells pwarn balls nearby too. It will be lovely to see you if you can make it so she says to send her an email or Faceache message if you want to come visit.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday
    Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy,

  3. Well you have been missing and so have I, the internetty was very bad behaved and Michael did manage a bit of slow faceachey stuff so now I am home and cooled down I am catching up. We had Daisy Girl and her dad visit with a barbecue complete with chicken wings, burgers, sausages and kebabs, we ate and ate until it was all gone except four sausages which we brought home cooked ready for sandwiches with brown sauce. That OTL is clever making DVD's that don't play into ones that do, well done, clever man and we forgive you for not being able to write your Diary, mind you, haven't I been saying that you need an I-paws then you would be self sufficient! Lovely pictures and wise to keep away from deep water, those spiders are funny things and very quick also harder than bunnies to catch, TM doesn't like spiders so better keep quiet about 8L's, keep safe and enjoy yourselves xxxxxx XX